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Australia & New Zealand 15 Days Kit

Network coverage of Australia & New Zealand 15 Days Kit

This table shows an approximation of network coverage of Australia & New Zealand 15 Days Kit.







New Zealand



Table displays approximate outdoor coverage and actual coverage may vary. Coverage is not guaranteed and is subject to change by network operators without notice. Services are powered by CUNIQ (HK) Operations Limited. CUNIQ (HK) reserves its right of final interpretation.

Enjoy up to 15 Days of 3G/4G LTE Unlimited Data1 & 60 Call Mins2 in Australia & New Zealand!

 No personal identification required
 No credit check required
 No service contract commitment
 No deposit required
 No roaming fees


Simply insert the 3-in-1 self-activating SIM card that comes with the kit into your unlocked device and it will automatically select the appropriate network for you. Please enable roaming and restart your device to complete the activation.

Alternatively, you can activate the service by following the instructions below if automatic activation fails:

  1. Remove SIM card from the kit and insert it into your smartphone
  2. Switch on Data Roaming
  3. Search for APN or “Access Point Names” in your phone settings
  4. Create new APN. Input 3gNET in the name & APN column. Press save.

Activation can be done in Australia or New Zealand. The kit must be activated by Dec 31, 2019 and is valid for 15 days upon initial activation4.

1. This Australia & New Zealand 15 Days Kit has unlimited data allowance. Once your total data usage in Australia & New Zealand reaches 3.6GB “Fair Usage Level”, the upload/download speed may be reduced to not less than 128kbps and tethering & Peer-to-Peer services may not be available. Data allowance can be used in Australia & New Zealand only.
2. Voice allowance is applicable: • This Australia & New Zealand 15 Days Kit has a stored value equivalent to 60 mins for receiving calls or making outgoing calls to designated places in Australia & New Zealand
3. The SIM card provides 3G/4G network service. The actual connection speed maybe affected by different factors such as the relative position between you and the transmitting station, server’s capacity, Internet traffic conditions, number of users, maximum network supporting speed of device, hardware, software and other factors.
4. When the SIM validity expires, the unused data, stored values, voice and SMS will be forfeited.
5. Services are powered by CUNIQ (HK) Operations Limited. CUNIQ (HK) reserves its right of final interpretation.
6. Compatible with most unlocked iOS®, Android®, and Windows® smartphones/devices. Actual compatibility and available features may vary by region, carrier, manufacturer and device.